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Mem Cấp 1

Mem Cấp 1

Tập đoàn Hải Đăng Group cần tuyển Director of Sales (DOS) Empty Tập đoàn Hải Đăng Group cần tuyển Director of Sales (DOS)

Tập đoàn Hải Đăng Group cần tuyển Director of Sales (DOS)

Tập đoàn Hải Đăng là một đơn vị hoạt động chủ yếu trong lĩnh vực kinh doanh Nhà hàng, khách sạn và các hoạt động giải trí tổng hợp. Hiện nay Hải Đăng đang sở hữu chuỗi thương hiệu nổi tiếng tại Nha Trang với các Nhà hàng, Khách sạn cao cấp như: E-Land Four Season, Maritime Hotel & Spa, Prime Hotel, Galina Hotel & Spa, Nhà hàng Beerfest. Với sứ mệnh tầm nhìn:"Trở thành một tập đoàn có uy tín và quy mô lớn nhất tại Nha Trang chuyên cung cấp các dịch vụ nhà hàng, Khách sạn và các dịch vụ Spa với ...

Tập đoàn Hải Đăng Group cần tuyển Director of Sales (DOS) 4000520144101446935

-The Director of Sales’ mission is to primarily promote the hotel & to achieve optimal sales at the best possible conditions for the company.
- To ensure the smooth running operation of the commercial section in consultation with the Group Director of Sales & Marketing on all matters.
- The performance of the Director of Sales will be determined solely by the productivities of the corporate section as well as the overall results of the group.

-The Director of Sales performs his/her duties within the framework defined by the chain and hotel norms and by internal regulations as specified by the Group Director of Sales & Marketing. The Director of Sales will also be responsible to the Director of Sales & Marketing for the Corporate Section and all Sales Personnel within the section.

The Director of Sales: -
- Assist in drawing up the marketing plan annually with the Director of Sales and Marketing (including section on Corporate Accounts).
- Keeps a record on former, existing, potential clients and a profile of each of them.
- Organizes regular visits in accordance to a predetermined plan.
- Prepares a tentative monthly schedule to record all sales and other related actives for the preceding month.
- Presents a summary of his/her visits to the Head of Sales on a weekly basis (Weekly Sales Plan) prior to and after the week is completed.
- Ensures that the invoicing effectively corresponds to all services agreed upon and rendered.
- Ensures that all new clients have no negative credit references.
- Records all daily sales calls.
- Records the statistics of his/her accounts.
- Submits production reports on his/her list of accounts on a monthly basis.
- Conducts group briefing to other staff within the corporate section when required.

-The Director of Sales is familiar with the operation and application of the hotel’s computer/data processing system.

The Director of Sales:
- Keeps himself/herself well informed about the operations especially in key departments (Front Office, Housekeeping, F&B, Banqueting etc.)
- Sets, in conjunction with the Group Director of Sales & Marketing and Director of Sales, currents rates as charged by the group.
- Closely observes matters pertaining to competition (sites, prices, services offered on a regular basis – quarterly or more often if need to be).
- Promotes the hotel as often as possible through entertaining, conduction, site inspections, presentation etc., of the group.

The Director of Sales:
- Pays visits to former, existing and potential clients in view of entering into contracts with them, especially commercial accounts.
- Defines precisely guest requirements and ensures that the guest services offered corresponds effectively to their requests.
- Provides after-sales service and in particular to ensure all guests complaints are taken seriously and discussed with the respective departments if necessary.
- Receives in the hotel any important guests whom he has approached.
- Negotiates prices with the clients.
- Confirms verbal proposals in writing.
- Ensures that all complaints have initiated follow-up action.

Required Skills
• Demonstrated ability to interact with customers, employees and third parties that reflects highly on the hotel, the brand and the Company.
• Problem solving, reasoning, motivating, organizational and training abilities.
• Proficient in the use of Microsoft Office
• Good writing skills
• Bachelor’s degree in Sales, Marketing or related field.
• 4 years of relevant experience or similar supervisory role, or an equivalent combination of education and work-related experience.
Working Place: HaiDang Group – 05 Hung Vuong, Loc Tho, Nha Trang, Khanh Hoa.
Application can be made via: tuyendung”haidanggroup.com or submit directly to Human Resource Manager- The 1st Floor of Galina Nha Trang Hotel at 05 Hung Vuong, Nha Trang, Khanh Hoa. Please highlight red bold position and address application, and should included: Application form, copy of CV, ID card, and health certificate, household registration.
Alternatively for a confidential discussion, please contact to Mr Dong-0583.888.999-Ext:203/096.886.0030.

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